Managed Network Solutions

Switch-on high performance, efficiency and agility with next-generation networking solutions.

Networking is more than Switches, Routers and Firewalls. Let us help optimize your network.

With front-running technologies, we utilize established, industry-leading tools to design and create networking and IT infrastructure that will help maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and manage complex consolidations.

Managed network services are vital for today’s small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, it helps run the applications that fuels your day-to-day business, enhances communication and sharing tools, and improve business flexibility and agility.

The inner dynamics of collaboration, cloud computing, big data, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IPv6 and network virtualization is constantly shifting and are not easily assimilated into networks. Our team of networking solutions professionals and our alliances with leading network providers, such as Cisco and IBM, can help deploy, procure and configure a final solution.

Use the power of networks to multiply your impact and align with business goals and benchmarks.

The interconnected business world that we live in is network-based and wired together. From virtualization to cloud computing to social networks, networking is at the center of the revolution in how people communicate and companies leverage operational flexibility and efficiency. While the network is the backbone of information technology (IT), most executives believe that because IT trends change rapidly, networking costs can vary from quarter-to-quarter and are too unpredictable.

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    Network Assessment

    Before mapping out a strategy, we will audit the network. We monitor the ongoing performance levels on your network, and pinpoint trends and specific incidences.

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    LAN/ WAN Optimization

    Our team of network specialists will design a scalable LAN/WAN network solution that ensures that application delivery and processing time is efficient in the face of workload increases.

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    Network Devices

    Integration of leading network technologies that will support higher throughput, will enable your organization to dynamically provision services to meet benchmarks.

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    Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)

    An application delivery controller (ADC) is a device – strategically placed in our high-performing and secure data centers – which loads the balance, takes the pressure off of web servers and enhances performance of applications.

Managed Network Services

Locating And Remediating Outages And Bottlenecks That Threaten Business-Critical Applications

  • Roadmap

    We will leverage the right solution for your IT environment. A consultation session to discuss your goals, an assessment of your current environment, ongoing product life cycle support and the best network managed service options for your business.

  • Benefits

    Creating multiple pathways to your data, as a resilient and redundant network optimizes high availability, uptime and eliminates points of failures in the event that network components fail. We will make sure your network is available when you need it the most.

  • Hierarchy

    In order to get the most out of your network, your organization must prioritize applications that require instant access. Determine which applications experience a slowdown in throughput and latency. Prioritize applications that require instant access

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Delivering value-added IT services by focusing on 3 key areas

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    We leverage IT to enable people and processes to work in an optimal manner. With deep technical expertise, we deploy the right IT specialists and applications.

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    With a reinvented approach, we stay agile and flexible by delivering smart workflow, automation and emerging technologies. We help you grow and evolve.

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    We combine our deep business and technical expertise with that of our clients to promote collaboration, shared and separate competencies and winning strategies.